Before Body Mechanix was recommended to me I had been to at least 3 other PT facilities with extremely limited success. Since then Mark Mako and Body Mechanix has guided me over the years through my recovery from significant surgeries on both of my knees, as well as neck issues, with truly amazing results. What I appreciate most is that Mark truly listens to what is going on with you and changes your treatment as necessary - this was especially important since my body does not have 'normal' reactions so he had to be very creative and fluid in his treatments. That is not something you'll find at other PT facilities. And the other aspect that makes Body Mechanix a very special place is the staff - regardless of what is going on they are all always upbeat and helpful, providing you with extraordinary service. Even through the pain of recovery I always looked forward to going there - you are treated like family and they are a fun group of people to be around. You cannot help but have your spirits lifted by simply being around such cheerful, caring and supportive folks. I would never consider going to any other PT facility in the future - they are THE BEST.

Janine H.

Body Mechanixs has consistently provided superb physical therapy for the hundreds of patients we have referred over the years! We cannot rate them high enough! The entire team at body mechanix is consistently caring and thorough in treating. The each have have the utmost integrity and compassionate care to each person they see! We have always heard from our patients of happy experiences quality care and excellent results! Body mechanix is superb in every way!

Royal Dean M.D.

Mark, I wanted to pass on to you a compliment to you on the work you have done on David P. He is very complimentary of your hands-on personal touch and your competence and skill as a therapist. I too have always believed that and want to just reiterate it. Thanks again.

Stephen Snyder MD

Mark, Ms. Shirley T returned to the office today and she is making, what I would describe as very good progress. Her hand symptoms are nearly completely resolved and she starting to see an improvement in her lumbar complaints as well. She has been very complimentary of your treatment approach and professionalism. I have received a number of these compliments from several patients over the last several weeks and just wanted to drop you a note to tell you to keep up the good work and that we appreciate your efforts. You can look forward to seeing more of our Simi Valley patients in the future.

Donald DeGrange MD

I have never been treated or happier at a physical therapy facility as I am with this facility, Body Mechanix. The results were remarkable and I felt like I was part of a family. Very attentive staff and Mark is extremely professional and the results were remarkable. I tell everyone, including doctors, about Body Mechanix Physical Therapy. I am a very thankful person with years of constant back pain, finally having days without pain. Your team is the best!

Jack S

I always looked forward to my appointments at Body Mechanix. I enjoyed the service provided, the entire staff and the treatments (as painful as they may have been). My quality of life and range of motion improved after each session.

David B

I am very happy with the care I received here. My concerns were addressed promptly and I was treated with respect and kindness from all staff members. Mark is an awesome therapist.

Donna T

I have been seeing Mark, Andy, Eric and everyone has been so wonderful. I've been coming here for years for different problems and recommend it highly to everyone. I contribute my better health to these wonderful therapists. They are the best in Simi and everywhere.

Sandy B

I have had P.T. at other facilities over the years and Body Mechanix was right at the top of excellent care.

Grace C

This is the best PT facility I've ever been to. Everyone is very kind, courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!! I was extremely impressed by Andy and the other staff members who helped me. I am still using the exercises at home to further my recovery and would definitely come back if it was needed. Thank you so much for the great work on my knee recovery. Andy is a great physical therapist. My range of motion increased greatly. I'm still not at 100% but I'm darn close. I am able to reach turn off the overhead light in my car without any pain, and reach into low cabinets without any pain. There is still some pain with putting my arm behind my back, but it is getting less and less everyday thanks to the exercises that Andy instructed me to do. Thanks Andy!!!!! Thanks to everyone there who helped me.

Joyce G

I rated everything above on a scale of 1-10, but I would like to tell you about my experience at Body Mechanix. Mark was great! A true professional who puts his client first. My first visit to the facility proved to me that I am a HUGE baby! I came in with a shoulder problem that was fairly uncomfortable, but I was a wimp about getting it moving. Mark was VERY kind and walked me through everything I needed to do to help the problem. He quickly remedied the shoulder only for us to discover an underlying neck problem. I was miserable!!! And I was just as chicken to do anything about it. He convinced me (without my even realizing it) that I was going to need to kick in and help with the healing process. It took time, but I have no issues at all now! No pain, no discomfort, everything back to normal. His patience was amazing. I can be fairly stubborn and not very easy to work with because of it or so I have been told. Even when I was working with Kritsy I could feel your watchful eye making sure everything was good. 🙂 Thanks Mark!! The entire staff was great every single time I was there. From the girls at the front desk to the assistants in the back they were all encouraging and helpful. No one likes to be injured, but if it ever happens again, Body Mechanix will be my choice for PT. Even if I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. I was actually sad when I had my last visit. Felt like I was leaving my friends behind. You guys are the best and I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Ruth C


Diana R

Body Mechanix is the only place I would recommend and go to in the future. There staff and the physical Therapist really took care of me! Thank you Body Mechanix

Bill L

I cannot say enough about Andy, who worked on my sciatica a year ago, which was very painful when I came in, and my last with my neck. I am very fortunate to have had Andy MacDonald for my therapist.

Jean R

Mark and his team are outstanding! A+ God bless all of you

Louise H

This is the best PT facility I've ever been to. Everyone is very kind, courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!! You all do a fantastic job. The staff is courteous and fun. I like that that it is a very relaxed atmosphere and that everyone is so friendly!!!

Leslie B

To all of the Body Mechanix family, you are the best! Not only are you expert in your field but your caring, friendliness, understanding and TLC put you in a class by yourself. No other PT place comes close!

Maureen K

Mark, Erik and staff, thank you for creating an environment of care and healing for those in pain. Your entire staff demonstrates a high level of compassion, skill and humor which makes us feel comfortable and ready to heal.

Vickie F

Mark, I’ve waited several weeks before writing and I’m happy to relate that the back and leg have responded to your magic touch – you’ve done it again. I don’t think that I properly congratulated you and your staff on your 10th anniversary, you are certainly a credit to your profession and I know that there are many that would agree with me. Thanks again for your interest and care and congratulations on your 10th. Simi is fortunate to have you.

John G